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House Elvan

House Elvan is the house of learning and advancement of knowledge and technology. They are the reason the City gain such power of the surrounding areas due to the technological advantage the Empire of the Sands had to the tribes and kingdoms of the plane. Nowadays it runs the Empire University which was founding centuries previously before the Mages took control of the old empire, the mages left the university alone due to respect towards the learning that was founded at it.   The head of the house is also the Chancellor of the University called Chancellor Ludovico Elvan, an elderly human of bavo'sand descendant like all of the old Great Houses, it is common but not required the head of the house is also the Chancellor of the University. Elvan holds a lot of power within the city due to the knowledge it as from the Colleges of the University, as well the Office of Operations and Bureau of Intelligence, the house holds blackmail material on main of the leaders of the other houses, but it rarely uses it because its afraid of the houses banding together to deal with the threat that House Elvan could be.
Geopolitical, Great house
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