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Leviathan Bone Bowblade


Leviathan Bone Bowblade is a longbow that is 78 inches tall. It is completely made of an extremly lightweight and slightly flexible bleached bone material, however, the item is dirty from being in an ancient dusty dungeon for at least a millennia. The middle of the Leviathan Bone Bowblade is thinner and wrapped in an unknown red leather-like material for a handle. The top and bottom of the bowblade is sharpened into blades that point away from the wielder. The bowblade seems always sharpened and has no notches in the blades.  


When Aruna was first created, the gods fashioned creatures similar to the greater daemons. These early creatures are known as Primordeal Titans. One of these titans is called Leviathan. It was a massive eel-like aquatic creature that was long enough to wrap around all of the continents. When the gods created humanoids, the Primordial Titans killed any they could find, so the gods gave a handful of humanoids power to rival even the gods by themselves. These humanoids killed the titans, including Leviathan, and made artifacts out of them. Leviathan Bone Bowblade was made from a rib of Leviathan. These artifacts were key in the First Daemon War, but all humanoids agreed they were to powerful. All of Primordeal Artifacts are hidden away, until heroes must save Aruna from another great threat. The entire magic of the Primordeal Artifacts cannot be used until a great threat has arisen, and all the Primordeal Artifacts are uncovered.


The Leviathan Bone Bowblade is in a dungeon. The dungeon's location is assumed to be in Land of the Emperor. Because of their primordeal nature, all of the primordeal artifacts are assumed to be in the Tempest Desert. Additionally, the primordeal artifacts are suspected to be the cause of the storms in the Tempest Desert.    


Leviathan Bone Bowblade
Weapon(Bowblade), artifact(requires attunement)   Random Properties. Leviathan Bone Bowblade has the following random properties:
  • 2 minor beneficial
  • 1 major beneficial
  • 2 minor detrimental (This does not trigger, if a great threat is attacking Aruna)
  • 1 major detrimental (This does not trigger, if a great threat is attacking Aruna)
You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls with this weapon, and this weapon's damage die is one larger. Additionally, its range is 180ft./300ft.
All arrows fired out of this bow are considered to be unbreakable arrows, until put into a case/quiver, or knocked into another bow. This weapon can be used by small creatures. A spellcaster may put a rune of a spell they know onto an arrow knocked in this bow. When that arrow hit something, it casts the spell using the caster's spell slots, spell save DC, spell attack modifier, and targets what it hits, if possible.
When a creature is killed by this weapon, this weapon's damage rolls have an additional +2 bonus for 1 minute. This ability can stack.
Current Wielder
Current Location
Unknown Dungeon
Item type
Weapon, Other

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