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Dreamshare Shard

Shared indescribable dreaming

Over and over, every night, it's always the same dream. I can't escape it. Not since that damn shard.
Legion lab tech
  Discovered by the Legion mere few years ago, laying discarded on a lonely beach and covered in blood, is the Dreamshare Shard. The beach upon which it was found is so far removed from any human settlement that it seems unlikely someone would have been out here on their own; and yet, the blood the shard was tested to be human.   The shard is an almost nondescript piece of crystalline glass, roughly triangular in shape and with both jagged and smooth sides. It is currently held in a secure Legion facility, far from prying eyes; though some Legion techs have reported that when they stare very intently into the translucent object, they can see the night sky drifting throughout it.    

Strange Connection

Aside from the mysterious visuals some see within the object, the Dreamshare Shard has another ability from which it gets its name; anyone who so much as pricks their finger upon the shard begins to experience the same dream, night after night. The dream is unknown to anyone who has not cut their skin on the sharp artefact -- none who experience the dream are able to put into words what it is they saw.  
Despite that, all who are under the effects of the Dreamshare shard do infact share the same dream; somehow, those who experience the dream are able to tell when others share the same dream with them. This has led many to believe that the dream shared is more than just the same dream seen by multiple people -- those studying the shard think that the affected all share a single connected dream.
They do... he does... he does too... and her. All four of them share the dream with me.
here for bonus info
— Test subject, picking from a lineup of unknown people.
Dr. Anabelle Evingston
Item type
Unique Artifact

The Gifts from the Sky

The Dreamshare Shard is currently among other artifacts of a similar mysterious power; stored in an extremely secure Legion research base, known of and accessible only by the Legion's most important researchers.   The Gifts from the Sky are a series of powerful, barely understood objects all currently in Legion possession. Rumours of these objects still manage to leak out every now and then, likely thanks to internal resistances, which are enough to fuel wild public speculation on what the objects are, what they can do, and why the Legion has them in the first place.  
I'm tellin' ya, most of those things would've been better left on the sea floor.
— A wary citizen

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
17 Jul, 2021 09:12

Very mysterious... I wonder how they can tell those strange objects for other random one so that they know they should collect them in the first place. Did they only discovered the dram shard when some random person put blood on it, experiences those strange dreams and told them about it? Or can they detect that strange aura from afar?

To see what I am up to, here is my civilisation challenge article.
18 Jul, 2021 05:05

There appears to be some strange, detectable similarity between all the Gifts from the Sky that the Legion uses to hunt down other ones! They're up to SOMETHING with them, and they're working to collect em allllll

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
17 Jul, 2021 17:09

Ooooh, creepy and mysterious :D Always things I am great fans of!   So fascinating that they connect to each other like that, and that they can't describe the dream. Does it work the same way on mages? Does ichor change the dreams or crystal any? :O   Awesome stuff as always, Brilly :D

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
18 Jul, 2021 05:07

Ooooo, that's a really good question, and not something I had considered! First instinct is to say that no, it doesn't mess with their dreams...   But I think it could be neat if it DID. Either Catalurgists share a different dream when sleeping, which causes them to process ichor while sleeping which wouldn't normally happen, OR Catalurgists are able to describe some portions. Not sure. Some fun stuff to think about later though :D   Thanks for the comment :)

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
18 Jul, 2021 20:10

Oh my, this is interesting. I'm torn between wanting the dream and very much not wanting it. I think in the end i agree with the wary citizen. Wonderful article though :)

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
19 Jul, 2021 04:43

Alas, to experience the unknown is a worthy dream in and of itself -- although some things are best left as just that, unknown D:   Thanks! :D

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
23 Feb, 2022 02:08

Now I want to know what they seen. This must be really hard for legion researchers to study... unless they're dreaming too. Oof. Yes most of these probably should have stayed buried indeed.

21 Mar, 2022 17:42

Oh yeah, it's definitely causing problems for researchers. This plus the thoughtseed, plus the other things I'll be adding eventually... causing problems and providing all the wrong answers that the world is not ready for

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
2 Aug, 2022 06:01

Another supernatural mystery object. The dreamers recognize others from the dream but can't say or describe the dream itself. Your world is wonderfully ookie right from the God-Husks onward!

2 Aug, 2022 15:32

You can never have enough spooky mysterious objects laying around :P   I'm glad to hear! The spooky and weird bits of worldbuilding are wonderful to work with :D

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
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