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Prompt 16: The Watch of Twisted Fate

The Watch of Twisted Fate is said to be able to allow someone to perceive their death. The closer the more vivid the image becomes. How the Nobles of Salire got their hands on this powerful relic is unknown. Though rumor is that a mysterious figure gifted it to them as a means to allow him safe harbor in the city.   What is known is that currently that relic is buried deep in the under waste. Also that the Nobles will pay a pretty penny to anyone who were to retrieve it. So many a fool has headed down into the underground leading to a lot of lost individuals. - an old man with a bottle of whiskey
    The Watch of Twisted Fate is a powerful device that is said to give it's user a sense of potential danger. This can be by giving a feeling of danger when choosing a path or an ominous feeling that overshadows you through out the day. The effects of the watch begins to fade as soon as you let go of the watch.   Some believe the watch is cursed and brings forth disaster in its wake, though leaving the wielder protected from said disaster. What is known is that continued exposure can grow a sense of unease and paranoia. Some even saying that they have dreams of their possible deaths that haunt them even past the time of wielding the relic.   Currently the relic has been lost and is said to be buried deep in the under waste. Given to a team sent to explore the under waste to uncover the secrets below and the truth about the relic. Ten men went down only one making it back. In the process of making it back the man dropped the relic and made a run for it, not looking back.   So far no one has been able to recover the relic and thus further research into it's prophetic effects have been halted till its retrieval.

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