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Disk of Concealment

This is one of those stories that is known through myths and legends and the storytellers in the taverns. Does it exist? Probably not. If it did or does exist does it do what is claimed for it? Again, probably not. Lets hear the story, and you can decide what if any truth exists therein.   Behind the beginning there were people. They rivaled the gods and considered themselves to be equal to diety in both understanding and in power. They did not need gods, for many were their powers and wondrous their creations. They are gone now. Nothing to mark their grandeur, all dust and lies.   Except the stories my granddad told me, that his granddad told him and back and back hint at great mysteries. Of strange creations carried away by refugees fleeing a destruction so great that no magic or cleverness could prevent it. Why is it that we think we are so powerful, when we are but blades of grass in a whirlwind?   Among the rubble of this shattered people, a few banded together, saving what they could and vowing to go as far as they could from. A remnant of the first people, they carried away what we call the Disc of Concealment.  For they wanted nothing to do with any other survivors. They knew it was the fault of their society that this happened. Faced with the horror and determined to keep it from happening again they faded into the mists of oblivion.   Perhaps they vanished, wiped out by beasts, or flood, or the savage other survivors. Maybe, just maybe, they indeed had a way to conceal themselves and they used it. From time to time, travelers will entertain with stories of hidden valleys, or concealed cities, travelers tales hear third or fourth hand always. No storyteller, if pushed to reveal the where has ever managed to do it.


Said to be an artifact from the before people, a society destroyed in a great cataclysm prior to recorded history. It is supposed to have the power to conceal a large area, rendering it invisible or concealing it in fog or clouds or mist. No real evidence for it exists, but the stories about it go back many generations.
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