Flame of Purity

Through his flame, all the darkness was lifted and all lies were cast away leaving only light and the truth. - Texts of the Exalted
  The Flame of Truth is a sacred relic given to the faithful of the Exalted to protect from those who would see their faith destroyed. For many centuries it would protect its followers and it would never stray away.  

Divine Powers

  Flame of the Faithful: Only true believers of the faith may touch it. For even if they were to but their flame into the fire itself they would not be harmed by it, were as a those who have doubt or a pagan would burned by it like any other fire.   Light of Truth: Nothing can hide from the light of the flame not even the shadows that it casts nor the deception of others. For their light will harm them if intentions are not pure or harbor something dark inside of them. For only the truth may stand in its presence.   Vanquisher of Evil: All who worship the evil of the world shall suffer before the flame as it we destroy them where they stand. No matter how great their power whether they be mortal or other worldly the power can not be halted by them for it is purity itself.   Burner of Corruption: While those who follow darker path may suffer a terrible fate by facing the flame, those who a still good but suffer from darkness that has been inflicted them shall be cleansed the fire of the savior and be reborn pure and free of sin.


Divine Gift

The Flame of Truth was said to have been gifted by the Exalted themselves to ensure that their followers never strayed from their path and battle the evils that would seek to destroy them. In its existence, it banished many evils that tried to deceive the followers of the one true god.
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
One of a Kind

Eternal Flame

  According to legend the flame itself was presented to the Prophets of the Exalted to bring forth their truth into the world. A blue fire that could never be extinguished no matter who long time had passed. With not even the elements of wind, water and earth being unable to put it out. For it was foretold that the flame would burn till the end of time to watch over the faithful and guide them into salvation.  

Unknown Whereabouts

  Sadly, for some time know the flame has been missing for over two millennia now as it was hidden away by a devote priest wanted to protect it from those of the faith who would abuse it power for their own purposes. Neither the priest nor the flame were ever seen again and since the the faithful have been trying to find it ever since with no success with even wars declared believing it was in a certain place.


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