The Navel is an ancient and mystical artifact that, according to the Gelethian creation myth, was bequeathed by the creator-god Einäg-Köll unto the Void so that she might not be lonely. According to the tale, a fragment of Einäg-Köll's divine will is embedded into the Navel, which allowed it to create the world and all things that rest upon it.   According to the myth, eight runes of great power representing fundamental aspects of creation were etched upon the surface of the Navel. These runes are known as the World Runes and it is thought that fully comprehending one of these infinitely complex runes will allow a person to command that particular aspect of the world. It is said that even by understanding a mere tenth of one of the World Runes, one would be able to alter the world in ways that even gods can only dream about.   As the Navel is an artifact of such unfathomable power, there are those who dedicate their entire lives to finding it. Some believe it is buried somewhere beneath the endlessly deep ice of the Frostmere as the Geillakktir mentions that the Navel fell by the sea when Einäg-Köll cast it from the heavens. Others believe that the founders of Gelethis had actually unearthed the Navel already and that the entire city was built on the Navel, its power used to bind the treacherous Great Titans to their eternal punishment.
Item type
Unique Artifact


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