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The Arrow Crown

The most famous artefact of Umeros can be no other than the revered Elandi'Za'af, "The Arrow Crown" of the Emperor of Islenor. The Arrow crown is made of black zirconium, adorned with several precious stones, with silver and gold details. Rubies cut to shape that compliment the arrowheads rising towards the sky are paired with the circlet on the bottom, adorned with moonstones, emeralds and silvery ivy motive, with a small intricate golden head of a stag with chips of emerald in its eye sockets.

Elandi'Za'af is famous for its weight; not just in a sense of metaphor, but it actually seems like it weighs more than it should, though no one seems to agree how much it actually weighs. This is part of many enchantments the crown carries. Actual mechanics of this have not been shared with the public, but it is said that the crown adjusts its weight according to one carrying it, symbolising the weight of responsibility that comes from being an emperor.

Some are unable to lift the crown at all, where others wear it with no issue, and even this can change from moment to moment. Why though, is not something known by the masses, but it is known to have something to do with how fit one is to rule. The crown is worn on important occasions, though due to its qualities and significant worth, it is not worn by the rulers all the time but kept safe. And of course, if the wearer of the crown perceives the crown particularly heavy, there is a high risk that wearing it might cause migraines, hurt one's neck and other medical issues.


Arrow crown was ordered by Emperor Caelathel Thelirme I, first of the Emperors of Islenor. As he united the elven kingdoms of northern Umeros, the old staghorn crown of the king didn't seem to fit for the newly risen emperor. To fit his new position and to show his determination to be the protector of his realm, Caelathel ordered the famous, heavy crown, made from arrowheads as a sign of reverence to the Black Archer Shevarash.

The crown is a great symbol of power and a sign of a rightful Emperor. This makes it priceless for the Thelirme Dynasty.

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