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Ark of Sight

The Ark of Sight is a pyramid of raw power that can be found in the office of the leader of Banshaw Edge, Rudyard. The Ark of Sight is the magical focus of the entire city and is a unique artifact that cannot be replicated in any way. It holds a chaotic piece of the Weave inside of it to help power both the city and Rudyard himself as an arcane focus. Should the Ark of Sight be broken, it would cause catastrophic effects to the entire city as well as Rudyard.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Ark of Sight is based off of similar designs to what the Hub within Scarmont Key was powered upon; a harnessing of raw, chaotic magic drawn from the Weave itself. The Weave is trapped inside of a pyramid structure using extremely enchanted metal to create a harness that can channel the magic through. It has lines of raw magic that run through inscriptions and runes to help power the city as well as a handprint for Rudyard to directly interact with the magic inside of it.

Manufacturing process

The Ark of Sight is unique and gets its name from the ability to look into the Weave without sending the user mad. It was created by the The Jade Guard Engineers but needed a lot of support from clerics on standby due to interact with pure, raw magic. It cannot be replicated as those that did manage to make it went mad in the process and were forced to take a mind wipe to forget the making of it altogether.


The Ark of Sight is an extremely significant artifact in Arrasgoth and is perhaps the most important item in the continent due to its powerful nature of harnessing a raw part of The Weave. It helps power the city with magic, and also powers the protective barrier that can be used to keep the city locked in place.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location


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