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The Weave

"To even begin to try understanding the Weave, you need to be mad. There is no sane person who can attempt such a feat. You live with it, take from it, but never try to understand it."
  The Weave is categorised as a dimensional plane though actually visiting it is not something that can happen. It is a plane that magic is drawn from, that gives those with magic abilities the power necessary to cast their spells and rituals. It is also the plane where the first three gods of the Arrasgoth Pantheon were from, Dutdur, God of Knowledge, Ira, Goddess of Death and Govlous, God of Life. It is also the primordial essence that is believed to have created the world and Arrasgoth itself. The plane is painfully confusing and ending up there is enough to drive anyone to madness. It is also the place where Recondite, God of Arcana resides.   The Weave is made of pure primordial essence, meaning that it has no real structure or tangible presence that can be described. It is a place of madness and power, to be feared and adored and obsessed over, rather than studied. Even wizards who really do study the Weave to gain their powers have little understanding of where their magic comes from or how it works.    The Weave cannot be visited by any mortal and only Recondite is able to exist and live there, though no one is certain they are there or not. The Weave is tapped into by the people of Arrasgoth through their natural affinity to grasp at that which they do not understand.
Dimensional plane
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