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Arrasgoth Pantheon

The story of the Arrasgoth Pantheon dates back to the beginning of the world itself. The creation story of the world has been told over many millennia. Each settlement and race has a different view on the details of the gods, defining them in their own image. Regardless, the premise of the creation of the pantheon has always been the same.  

The Beginning:

  At first, there was nothing but primordial essence. Inside of the essence was the first of the Arrasgoth gods, controllers and weavers of this energy.   There was Dutdur, God of Knowledge, a being that preferred the company of himself than of others. He was the first god to be created inside of the essence and understood it better than any other could.   There were also two other gods that were created, Govlous, God of Life and Ira, Goddess of Death. They were lovers who spent every moment that they could together.   Whilst Dutdur was a recluse, quiet and reserved, Govlous and Ira were loud and vibrant. This caused a problem for Dutdur as he wanted to exist in peace and quiet. He hatched a plan to both amuse the other powerful entities and to keep them out of his way.   Dutdur created a world for the two other gods out of the essence that surrounded them. He gifted them this world for them to play with and exist upon, whilst he remained alone. He named the world Starenlithe and hid away the remaining primordial essence. This previously hidden essence was now called The Weave, a place to draw magic from.   He created creatures to live on the world, large winged beings with incredible knowledge, and he named them dragons. He left this world then under the care of Govlous and Ira, for them to create and play with, whilst he enjoyed his solitude.   Govlous and Ira were overjoyed with their new world but it was too empty for them. Govlous, wanting to give everything he could to his wife, created the rest of the living things on the world. He was a perfectionist and was always making new things to gift to his wife, and once they would die, she would cherish them in the Garden of Passing. Ira adored all living things and always waited for them to pass on so she may revel in their stories in the afterlife.   In the chaotic creation of the world, Govlous and Ira gave birth to their two children, Tasdia, Goddess of Nature and Omes, God of the Tempest. Tasdia was the oldest, taking over the creation of the plants, the animals and the people. Omes was the youngest, interested in the creation side but jealous of what his sister could do. Their constant rivalry caused the changes in seasons, the creation of destruction within nature.   In this rivalry, the primordial chaotic essence that had been left behind caused the first lightning bolt to hit the ground. From this bolt of raw primordial essence, Azahd, Goddess of Light was created and she blessed the people of the world with sentience and understanding, giving them their own primordial essence that rested inside, known as the soul. The dark mark that was left behind became Nalena, Goddess of Twilight, the shadow of Azahd who blessed the world with the night sky, the stars and the shadows.   With these souls now, the people started to question what happened when they died. Ira, busy with exploring her gift of the world, decided something needed to be done about the journey to the afterlife. She created a boat out of the primordial chaotic essence that would guide the journey beyond life. This boat became Keel, God of the Grave.   With sentience, the people grew bored. There was nothing for them to understand or explore or play with that would stimulate them. Out of this need, the chaotic essence created Ezlios, God of Order and Cyhlo, God of Trickery, twin brothers manifested for this hole in their lives. Whilst Ezlios would give those that wanted structure something to follow, to adhere to, Cyhlo would create chaos, excitement, thrills for those that wished to break the rules.   This constant clash of order and trickery caused conflict amongst the people, and the first war broke out. The gods, concerned their people were fighting, felt they needed gods that would look over the war and peace of their world. Searching for the best leaders of the warring factions, they picked two out of the mortals to ascend into godhood. Wania, God of War was a great general, determined to win the battle at any cost. Mibium, God of Peace was a great politician, determined to bring an end to the war in a diplomatic manner.   Considered to be the end of the creation of the gods for this world, Recondite, God of Arcana was something of anomaly. No god created Recondite as Recondite was created from the leftover chaotic magic that Dutdur had left behind. The people with sentience, with souls, with order and peace and trickery and war, they began to pull from the Weave that surrounded them, gaining magical powers they could use. From the knowledge of this magic that each person gained, the eight magical schools became an amalgamation. No god understood what this was but acknowledged it as part of their pantheon from now on.   Migrie, God of Machines was the last of the pantheon, and came from the gods pride themselves. They saw what the people were creating, armour and weapons and all sorts of exciting creations out of metal. Seeing this, they felt they too needed a blacksmith to create armour for them. The chose the best blacksmith on the world, granted him godly powers to create armour for them for ten years and no more.   Migrie was a smart mortal and created the engine of Keel with his powers, as well as the armour of the gods. When it came his time to give up his powers, he had made himself indispensable to the pantheon. They gifted him the engine room of Keel, to be the guide that helped guide the boat, and granted him the title of God of Machines. They then created a competition that would take place every ten years to choose the new God of the Forge amongst the mortals.

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