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The Silhouette

"I doubt I'll ever visit my god's plane, but I hope she knows how much I wish to go. Imagine it, sitting in a star..."
  The Silhouette is the plane and realm of Nalena, Goddess of Twilight. The plane is in the night sky inside of the star that shines brightest over the centre of Arrasgoth itself. The plane is under the protection of Nalena at all times and can be visited by those brave enough to try and enter a star. A cleric of Nalena can sometimes gain her blessing to visit plane through divine intervention. The chance of this happening is rare but not impossible.   The Silhouette is a plane sheathed in twilight at all times, lit up by the bright star that it is inside of. The plane is cold and no mortal lives here. The plane itself is a lightning bolt shape and there are no settlements or inhabitants here. Nalena lives in her primordial form in this plane, lighting up the ground as a lightning bolt herself.   The plane is one of the many that is inhabited by one of the Arrasgoth Pantheon gods. All of the planes are created out of the primordial essence the first gods were born and created in. It is one of the few planes that does not have the ability to sustain mortal life for more than a week.
Dimensional plane
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