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Breanna Roswall

"There's just something about reading under the stars that calls to me. I feel embraced by both my god and by the knowledge I'm gaining from the books!"
  Breanna is one of the first people to travel as an ally of the The Beacons of Hope and is also the fiancée of Alfyn Weis. She is a trained twilight cleric who was hiding in Cedar Wilds after her sister dabbled in some dark knowledge in the books in Banshaw Edge. She currently resides in Inham Farms with Alfyn and her son, Leon Weis. Breanna's main defining trait that gets her into a lot of trouble is her inability to keep a secret.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Breanna was born the youngest daughter of a sorcerer mother and a cleric father in Banshaw Edge. She followed after her father in the divine arts, finding solace and understanding in the twilight and stars. She eventually became a full cleric of Nalena, Goddess of Twilight and started to learn how to take over the church in Banshaw Edge from her father. She, however, did not want to be a cleric all the time and sometimes preferred to follow after her older sister and try to learn her sorcerer magic, not to much use.   It was this curiosity that led to her needing to flee the city with her older sister. Maura and Breanna had always been interested in books and would often read late into the night anything they could get their hands on. One night, Breanna returned to find her sister casting spells of a darker nature from a book she had stolen from the restricted section of Rudyard's library. Breanna, unable to keep a secret, told their parents who immediately told them they had to run or they would suffer.    The two sisters fled to Cedar Wilds where they were taken in by Entrydal as a step-in father figure. Breanna's story continued when she came across Alfyn, one of the Beacons of Hope. Whilst he fell in love at first sight, Breanna was more cautious but eventually fell deeply for the adventuring farm boy. The two became inseparable and this led to Breanna becoming pregnant. Alfyn proposed to her in his home town of Inham Farms and eventually she gave birth to a baby boy, Leon.


Alfyn Weis


Towards Breanna Roswall



Breanna Roswall


Towards Alfyn Weis



Current Location
Date of Birth
6th of Hivafin
Year of Birth
20 BTU 1022 Years old
Alfyn Weis (fiancé)
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements

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