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Tasdia, Goddess of Nature

Tasdia is the Goddess of Nature and the child of Govlous, God of Life and Ira, Goddess of Death. She is one of the gods of the Arrasgoth Pantheon. She is one of the only two gods in the pantheon that were born biologically rather than created or ascended. She took over the nature side of creation from her parents.   She cares deeply about nature but is constantly in a rivalry with her younger brother, Omes, God of the Tempest which causes her to forever want to improve upon her craft. She does not appear in mortal form as much as the other members of her pantheon but instead will send animal messengers instead.   She is neutral in alignment, like the majority of the other gods in her pantheon. She focuses more on the formative powers of nature, whilst her brother focuses on the destructive powers of nature.  

Divine Domains

Tasdia is the deity of the Nature Domain. She oversees the formation of nature and how it interacts and grows within the world. She is also the deity of the Spring and Autumn seasons. She will intervene with mortals if she needs to, but normally in a spiritual form rather than in mortal form.  

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Tasdia's divine symbol is a tree trunk with a pansy flower growing inside of it. She is the goddess of all that grows and blossoms in the world. Her symbol is seen across Arrasgoth, but is often seen hanging in the homes of agricultural settings. The colour of her symbol is green and so her followers wear green in their religious garments, or add green to their accessories.   
Divine Classification
True Neutral
Aligned Organization

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