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The Transfer of Keel

"They say the journey to the afterlife is smooth and quiet. They say Migrie, God of Machines, is not quiet. That's needed when you die, a smooth journey and the constant noise of someone else being there."
Daelar Weis
  The Transfer of Keel is a plane that can only be found through dying. This plane is the physical journey to the afterlife that leads to the Garden of Passing. The plane is under the protection of Keel, God of the Grave and Migrie, God of Machines who runs Keel. There is not much known about this plane on a mechanical level as it does not have living visitors. There are rumours about what it might look like but nothing in concrete. The rumours tend to come from those who almost died or ghosts who claim to have seen it in a dream.   The Transfer of Keel is a river that has a shroud of mist that is completely opaque above, either side or below. The river is transparent and nothing lives inside of it; the water is the darkest of blue and seems to have no bottom. The only living things that the passing souls will see is Keel or Migrie, though they may also see other souls travelling to the Garden of Passing. Once you have entered the Transfer of Keel, you cannot get off the boat or leave the plane.   Keel and Migrie live in this plane full time and do not leave it for any means. The plane is always active and there are always souls that are needing to transfer; no soul is ever left behind.
Dimensional plane
Owning Organization

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Master Dazzlinkat
K.S. Bishoff
17 Dec, 2021 20:08

This is a very cool plane! I love the eternal mystery!

Here is my Bestiary article! XERCHAN'S BESTIARY   Come vist my worlds PANGORIO for exciting tales, world lore, and RPG adventures! HYPNOSIUM is my new historical fantasy world!
18 Dec, 2021 09:36

Thank you! I like the idea of the people not knowing truly what it's like unless they've literally died!