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God of the Forge

The God of the Forge is chosen every ten mortal years by the Arrasgoth Pantheon in a world-wide competition of blacksmiths. The winner will be given the powers and title of the God of the Forge, and will be in charge of the Forge Domain.    Those that become the God of the Forge look over all those that build and create manmade constructs and materials. They bless those that they deem more intuitive with their craft and help them with their inspiration.   The current God of the Forge is a dwarven woman from Cardnum called Elnar Burrowfall. She was chosen five years ago in the competition. She is true neutral in alignment but the alignment of the God of the Forge changes with each mortal chosen.  

Divine Domains

The God of the Forge is the deity of the Forge Domain. They oversee all those that craft and create in the mortal realm. They tend to believe that all should be blessed with inspiration if they show promise in their crafts. They will interact with mortals regularly due to having once been mortals themselves.  

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The divine symbol of the God of the Forge is a cog in the middle of a broken anvil. Their symbol is mostly seen in forges and workshops, and can be seen on some constructs themselves. The colour of their symbol is bronze and so their followers will wear bronze in their religious garments, or wear bronze accessories.   
Divine Classification
Aligned Organization

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