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Keel, God of the Grave

Keel is the God of Grave, a boat that was created to ferry the dead to the Garden of Passing. He was created by Ira, Goddess of Death out of the primordial essence to make the journey to the afterlife easier to manage.   Despite being a boat, Keel has some sentience and is aware of what happens around the world and further. The boat makes sure that every soul that is deemed good by Ira is taken to the Garden of Passing.   Keel is constantly being upgraded by Migrie, God of Machines in their realm and they work together to guide the souls on.   The boat is neutral in alignment, like the majority of other gods in the pantheon. The boat feels that all should have dignity in the passing to their final resting place.  

Divine Domains

Keel is the deity of the Grave Domain. He oversees all that take the journey from dying to the eternal rest of the afterlife. The boat does not intervene with mortals, only transports them where they need to be once they die. However, he is worshipped by some on the mortal realm for his job.  

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Keel's divine symbol is a rowing boat. The boat is the god of all that go on the journey to the Garden of Passing but does not make the judgement of who shall go. The boat's symbol is only seen upon shrouds or coffins of the dead, and on those who worship Keel as their main god. The colour of the boat's symbol is brown and so it's followers wear brown in their religious garments, or add brown to their accessories.   
Divine Classification
True Neutral
Aligned Organization

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