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Recondite, God of Arcana

Recondite is the God of Arcana and manifested from the leftover chaotic magic that Dutdur, God of Knowledge had left behind. He came from the collective consciousness and interaction of the mortals with the Weave. They are the only god that was not created by any other god in the pantheon.   Recondite is the manifestation of the eight schools of magic and therefore oversees all magic that is done within the world. They do not necessarily intervene but offer magic to all that are willing to tap into the Weave itself. They do not interact with mortals in any understandable sense.   They are neutral in alignment, like the majority of the other gods in their pantheon. They believe that magic should be accessible to all so ensure that it is.  

Divine Domains

Recondite is the deity of the Arcana Domain. They oversee those that seek the knowledge and power of magic, and all that it can show in the world. They will not directly intervene with mortals but will offer magic to those that are willing to reach for it.  

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Recondite's divine symbol is eight ethereal hands joined together in a circle. Their symbol is seen all across Arrasgoth, but predominantly in Banshaw Edge. The colour of their symbol is rainbow and so his followers wear rainbow colours in their religious garments, or add rainbow colours to their accessories.   
Divine Classification
True Neutral
Aligned Organization


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