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Govlous, God of Life

Govlous is the God of Life and one of the first three gods of the Arrasgoth Pantheon. He was the god that created most of the living things in the world. He believes that all life is a gift to be shared with those he loves.   He is a perfectionist but loves to socialise. He is one of the gods that will frequently appear in mortal form to interact with the material plane and those that dwell upon it. He and his wife, Ira, Goddess of Death, are known as the chaotic pair that disrupted Dutdur, God of Knowledge and his ideas for the world.   He is neutral in alignment, like the majority of the other gods in his pantheon. He enjoys all aspects of life and encourages all to live all parts of what is laid out in front of them.  

Divine Domains

Govlous is the deity of the Life Domain. He oversees all life, whether animal, mineral or plant. He values those that see the perfection in living things, those that cherish each moment that they have. He believes that life should be experienced by all, and no experience in life is good or bad. He will intervene with mortals when he wants to, but predominantly will only do that with his wife.  

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Govlous' divine symbol is a candle burning at both ends. He is the god of all that is living and shall live. His symbol is seen all across Arrasgoth and does not have any specific places it is seen more often. The colour of his symbol is orange and so his followers wear orange in their religious garments, or add orange to their accessories.  


Govlous, God of Life

Husband (Vital)

Towards Ira, Goddess of Death



Ira, Goddess of Death

Wife (Vital)

Towards Govlous, God of Life



Divine Classification
True Neutral
Aligned Organization


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