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Church of Life

The Church of Life is the religious order than follows the teachings and beliefs of Govlous, God of Life. This order is perhaps one of the more lively of the churches as there is always some sort of festival or event taking place in their walls. They have members from all over and believe that every life should be celebrated. They are most commonly used to celebrate births of children from all over Arrasgoth  All churches that follow Govlous will have an open area that can be used for celebrations and events. This is to represent Govlous realm, the Temple of Opulence. The church also normally has a small garden and fountain of water. This is put in to celebrate the relationship of life and death.


The Church of Life has a hierarchy that is the same as all the other churches in the Arrasgoth Pantheon apart from the Church of Arcana. The highest member of their church would be the High Priest, but there are those few who are given the blessing of Govlous who are known as The Chosen who are above all others. There are paladins and clerics that serve the domain of Life, but also priests and others who spread the word. Govlous' words are passed down through conversations that were recorded by scribes that have been had with him.

Mythology & Lore

The culture of the Church of Life is focused upon the idea of celebrating all life and for understanding how important it is for new life to be created. The church is very welcoming to new life and tend to be very active in orphanages around the continent. The church is always busy, always active and always lively, embracing every culture and festival that it can. They often have Govlous appearing to them, taking part specifically in celebrations of births.

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Religious, Organised Religion

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