Krio's Soul

To save himself from death, it is said that the god Kriod'gorh transferred his essence into a Mezznian Shard moments before his comet crashed into the continent of Zantyra eight thousand years ago. The shard was discovered by Siv when he first emerged from the Abyssal Chambers. It empowered him with deep understanding of the inner workings of the Viscera Facet, allowing him to bend and twist the power to his dark will. It also gave him direct contact with Kriod'gorh himself.    Siv now wears the shard around his neck, using it as his eternal source of power. Through an ongoing series of visions, Kriod'gorh has laid out instructions to Siv, promising great power and domination over the lands of Zantyra and beyond.    Kriod'gorh's Soul is the focal point of the Kriosyn Delegation. It is their source of power and the grotesque doctrines they follow. Those outside the Delegation question whether the Shard actually contains the soul of a fallen god. It is generally accepted to be the same as any other Mezznian Shard and the evil committed by the Delegation is due to Siv twisting the crystal's power.      While numerous attempts have been made on Siv's life over the years, he continues to lead the Kriosyn Delegation even at his extreme age. Over time, the Shard began to twist and deform Siv into a shell of his former self. In recent years, Siv and the Shard are only seen at key rituals. The rest of the time, Siv remains sequestered in his private chambers, only speaking to those he personally summons and refusing all visitors.    The shard is approximately eight inches in length and three inches thick. The translucent crystal displays an ongoing view of flowing liquid though the shard is completly solid.
Item type
Krio's Soul is one unique shard.
8 oz


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