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Avadi's Amphora

Legends say that whoever drinks from the Amphora will find their soul cleansed, their spirit renewed, their body whole. A cure-all if you will. Scientifically impossible, but it's a nice idea.
-except from On Ancient Legends, by the Academy philosopher Anchil Banff
  Avadi's Amphora, also known as the Amphora of Life, is a legendary artifact referred to by some sects of the Avadian religion, and one of the few holy items of the Avadian Gods.   Legends hold that the Amphora was given to one of the earliest members of the Avadian tribe by Avadi, the goddess of the seas herself, as a token of her favour. This would have preceded the discovery of bronze, making it at least 3500 years old, if not older.   The Amphora itself is, as the name suggests, a flat-bottomed amphora. Unlike other amphorae, usually made of ceramic, Avadi's Amphora is made of a transparent glass. Despite the fragile appearance of the Amphora, it is incredibly hardy, able to take any kind of impact without suffering the slightest damage. Weapons simply bounce off it, rocks dropped on it shatter. By all accounts it appears to be completely indestructible.


It is said that when a person drinks any liquid that is stored inside the Amphora, they are able to recover from even the gravest threats to their life. Mortal wounds close and heal, terminal illnesses recede, and a person's spiritual energy replenishes and comes back from the point of depletion. It does not appear that the Amphora can raise the dead or stop or reverse ageing, but beyond this, it appears to be a panacea unmatched by any other natural or supernatural technique on Annyrion. It is believed that Avadi's own divine power fuels its effects.

Current Status

All remaining records and myths suggest that the Amphora was lost during the initial Avadian expansion across Beyan Archipelago. The most common belief about its disappearance is that it was lost at sea when the vessel transporting it sank. Other theories include a pirate stealing the Amphora and hiding it in a place where it is yet to be found, or that Avadi herself took the Amphora away from the Avadian people in response to its power being abused by powerful and greedy individuals. Whatever the case, there has been no trace of the Amphora for at least 3500 years.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Amphora is extremely simple in its function. Any liquid that is poured into it undergoes a metamorphosis as it enters the vessel, becoming a turquoise liquid that seems to glow with divine light. There do not appear to be any chemical or physical explanation for this process.


The Amphora is beyond priceless based off its reputation as item said to be forced by the gods alone; such an item would be incredibly significant to any culture let alone the Avadians. Its medical properties could be said to be even greater - an item that could cure any malady, restore one's spirits and save the dying is beyond value in a dangerous world like Arikanda.   Many Avadians have undertaken voyages and treasure hunts to find the Amphora, some travelling as far afield as Tenun, Kas and the Ranata Isles, but so far all attempts to recover it have come up empty handed. The modern day belief in Avadian circles is that it simply never existed or is an allegory of some sort. However, for those who believe, the loss of the Amphora is said to be one of the greatest calamities to befall mankind, and its recovery would change the world for the better.
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