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The Bloodsun Amulet

The Bloodsun Amulet is the infamous artifact wielded by the Emperor of Aztlan and his royal lineage. Though blood magic is largely outlawed in the present day after the Blood Plague ravaged much of the world it was once the most common form of magic practiced by the ancient Aztlan Empire as far back as when it was merely one of many competing kingdoms vying for control of the continent.   King Nahaulquizqui, who had by then already dominated his nearest neighbors and was setting up for war with his largest local enemy in the region, knew that he would need a powerful weapon if he was to win. He was himself a wizard, one of the sorcerer-kings of Aztlan who had a habit of usurping control of prior non-magical kings and queens with their magical might. Even so he knew his rival had more wizards at his disposal than he did, and even at this time in history mages made up the bulk of a nation’s military power rather than mundane soldiers.   Legend has it that Nahaulquizqui made a pact with a powerful demon, some even claiming it to have been the Plague Lord himself though other sources suggest a demon in the shape of a jaguar, in exchange for the knowledge of how to craft what is now known as the Bloodsun Amulet. What Nahaulquizqui paid is not known, but it is assumed to have been a sizable number of mortal souls from his population or, in some tellings, the soul of his firstborn daughter.   Regardless, he put his considerable magical power and new found skill to the test and began to forge the amulet. The process was long and demanding and needed the aid of three other wizards to perform the sacrifices necessary to fuel the work. In the end over one hundred mortal souls were devoured in the creation of the Bloodsun Amulet.   The amulet itself conjures forth a potent red flame that the wielder can bend to their will. The fire consumes all that it touches at a supernatural pace reducing even the most heat resistant materials to ash in mere seconds. It can burn through enchantments of fire resistance and sear away creatures of the astral plane, allowing it to be used to destroy demons and other entities beyond the material world. Additionally every living thing consumed by the amulet’s flames would have its soul devoured too, adding to the fuel of the amulet’s fire and making it that much more powerful.   Rough estimates suggest there to be over seven million souls who now reside inside the amulet. Consumed by the crimson flames and reduced to mere fuel to empower the enchantment further. There are few items in the known world with a death toll as high as the Bloodsun Amulet.   The king used it to conquer his enemies and famously burned away the rival king with its flames before declaring himself the First Emperor of all Aztlan. He would go on to conquer several more smaller nations before much of the rest bent a knee to him to save themselves from his wrath. The Bloodsun Amulet was passed on to his son and has become a symbol of the Aztlan royal family for generations even to this day. For good or for ill.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable

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