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The Second Holyar-Den


AppDex H: Holyar-Den - Description
Solitude Master Korana-Urulo
The Second Holyar-Den is a strangely simple longbow. The longbow is unique in design and composition. Eye-witness accounts that have been verified by expert Administrators (see SupDex H.304-316) describe this cursed item as a single piece of metal. Many did not recognize it as a weapon until it was used by the ill-fated Divergent who possessed it. It was soon apparent to all witnesses, that they were in the presense of the Unnatural.
Of the 13 Acursed Ancient Tools, this second Holyar-Den is one of the few that we have had in our possession, and then lost. For detailed history of the Organization's history in connection with the Second Tool please see AppDex H.032.1: Holyar-Den - History. Records tell that the Second shares all of the qualities of Holyar-Den. Permancy, efficency of design, no cultural indicators.
Important summary notes for field operatives:

1: Recoginizing the Second. The following elements will make recognizing the Second easier for observant field operatives.
1.1 Permanency and functional craftsmanship is a hallmark that identifies all Holyar-Den. They always remain untouched, unblemished, and timeless. 1.2 The Second is a straight rod of metal exactly 2m in length, 2.5cm in width with a tapper to 1cm tips, and 1cm deep with a taper to .3 cm at tips. There is no bow string. 1.3 The Second shifts colour. Experimentation has revealed that as the mood of the Acursed spirit shifts the colour of the Second shifts. Colour changes are complex and dynamic when the Second is paired. Unpaired the Second is a light absorbing matt black.

2: Use. The following notes will allow field operatives to avoid contamination by the Second.
2.1 Touching the Second is acceptable, but be aware that if the Second is black it will seek to pair with you. Do not.
2.1.1 Touching the Second is acceptable, but be aware that if the Second is paired, it will attempt to convince you to return it to the Divergent individual who has paired with it. This is an opportunity to discover the individual and kill or capture them. It is recommended that operatives report immediately to their superiors.
2.1.1 Avoiding physical contact with the Second (or any Holyar-Den) is the best option.
2.2 The Second is used exactly like a longbow. Drawing the Second will generate a thread of energy formed out of the Ee-Loque of the user, or any stored in the Second. Arrow fired from the Second are twisted bolts of Ee-Louque which cause physical and energy damage to their targets.
2.2.1 Once struck with a twisted bolt the victim will experience the following: Crippling physical impairment due to burns, pyscho-chemical disruption and lacerations. Inability to access Ee-Loque. A complete instant collapse of the individual's capacity to use or store Ee-Loque.
2.3 Pairing. Through the sarafices of a number of noble and notable operatives the pairing process for this Acursed Tool is detailed. Under no circumstances is any Paragon to pair with any Acursed Tool.
When you touch the Second the Acursed Spirit will judge you. If you are a good fit for it based on its own perceptions, it will engage you in a conversation. As the conversation progresses you will most likely be convinced to pair with the Acursed Tool. Avoid long conversations.
Once paired, you will fill a deep compulsion to remain in the vicinity of the Second, and the further away from the second you remain and the longer you remain away, the greater your inability to use Ee-Loque. Avoid pairing at all costs.
Once paired, you can not be 'unpaired.' As the Second can not be destroyed and there is no procedure to break a pairing, pairing with the Second will ultimately result in your death. Your sacrifice will be remembered.  
No further direction to Junior Agent indoc regarding methods to identify, flag and recover when appropriate this item. This item conforms to shared Holyar'Den qualities.

Currently, this item is not recovered.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

You shoot things with it from far way.
Longest measured accurate shot (95%, 1inch grouping) 100m.

Show Spoiler

Like very other Holyar-Den this item contains/entraps the 'spirit/essence' of an Ancient One, who is by all standards insane and psychopathic. This particular personality is particular in its perspectives and interests.
If conversation is had with this weapon, it will reveal that it's name is Ya'halKot General of the Southern Civil Armies. That she has stepped forth in valiant sacrifice as her soldiers have done to defend the People's Way of Life. She is grateful for her eternal duty to slay the heretic rebells and their disgusting servitor species. She regrets not a moment of her time and looks forward to to enslaving and punishing those who stand against the Way of the People.
She is very insane and very fanatical. Though mostly harmless.

To use the weapon, the person must give it at least one level of breath. At which point the weapon becomes attuned. The weapon is convincing. For every minute (single instance) that a person converses with the weapon they must make a Will Save vs DC 15. Failure means that the person agrees to bond with the weapon, if they are hesitant. After all, why wouldn't you want to be part of something glorious and amazing. You know ... a bigger picture.

The basic mechanic for this weapon is:
1. Weapon will cause 25% damage and stun for 1 round targets it hits. If the target is actively using Breath. the weapon always hits.
2. Targets that it has hit instantly have all of their extra Breath drained and can no longer access or draw breath in any way ... permanently. From that point onward, the target now supplies breath to the user of the weapon. When the target draws breath it is channeled to the user of the weapon. Target's know that this has happened, and instantly know who. Unless they have some way of 'tracking' Breath, they do not know the location of the person and the weapon.
3. The weapon gains access to the stolen breath and allows that breath to used by the user of the weapon.


None. There is no cultural significant for this item in the Realm. It is a lost item. Should it be found, it would be a great historical find requiring the direct intervention of the Paragons.
Unique, part of a set.
See main description.
Base Price

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