The Emerald Crown

While the Emerald Crown is the name used to refer to the rulers of Brist and the head of state at any given time, the Emerald Crown is also the name for the crown itself that the Bristian ruler wears.    When the crown rests in its display case, available for access from all Bristian citizens and guests of the realm, the crown appears to be constructed of several vines interwoven with one another, with leaves from several different types of trees interlaced as well. The top of the crown is marked with three large hawthorn spikes, with the two smaller spikes coated in gold and the larger central spike coated in silver. However, when the ruler of Brist puts on the crown, the vines appear to twist and writhe before solidifying into what appears to be emerald. In this form, the crown also emits a soft green glow. This form of the crown is known to be magical, and it is widely held that if the ruler touches the silver spike in the centre, a shield wall will immediately emerge to protect them. If the ruler touches either gold spike, it is said that the spike will grow into a weapon to protect them.   The Emerald Crown was originally created when the royal houses of Brist were established. Prior to that event, the ruling body of Brist was primarily comprised of the High Druidic Circle, who governed all people whether they were druids or not. After a few spore druids attempted to take control of the High Druidic Circle during an event known as The Rot, it was decided that an alternative system was needed where those with and without magic were held of equal value. As such, the first Canopalia was established, wherein members of each family could take part in a series of competitions to decide who would become the next ruler. The first and second Canopalias resulted in the appointment of a druid to the Emerald Crown (when the crown was still an innate object), but the third Canopalia saw the ascendance of a non-magical person and as a symbol of peace and unity, the High Druidic Council imbued the Emerald Crown with the protections it bears still.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable


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