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The Pelt of Katie Graves

The pelt is a remnant of the body of Katie Graves after succumbing to Usemi. After Katie's death the family decided to allow Quintin Frestra to do a full autopsy and break down of the body to try and assess and potentially prevent future cases of Usemi.   During the autopsy and breakdown Quintain separated ever part of the body while he found many intriguing things. the pelt of the patient was the thing he became obsessed with. He felt called to it as if the pelt still had the mind and soul of Katie with in it. when he would touch it a surge of magical power would hit him like a charging Enkisatu. it became addictive and he started spending day after day studying the pelt. After a plethora of tests Quintain took to trying more unconventional an taboo methods. His documents tell of him eating the flesh, grinding it up to drink it, even going so far as to pleasure him self with the pelt.   However, his last journal entry tells of how he put the pelt on and shrouded him self with it.
Entry: 185 / Date: 1/24/1026 I have done it. I have found Katie. She called to me and I solved the puzzle. It took time, yes, but oh, the ecstasy of finding her. However, not only finding her but becoming one with her. The bonding is like pleasure beyond compare a state of pure divine Ecstasy.   Let me get to the point, after countless experiments and postulation, I, Quintin Frestra have learned how to make contact with the Deceased. To do so, all that one must do it shroud themselves in the pelt. lay it over their back and put the head skin over there head. An Enormous press will feel as though it is crushing your body, and then you will be teleported to a different plane of existence. A disembodied realm where the dead reside, though only Katie was there.   I must go and show the others and clean up this room the power needed to put me in the realm must have scattered all of my things.
What we now know that Quintain did during his time in the realm of the dead, his body was taken over by the pelt and went on a rampage. When he brought the pelt to a meeting with a group of colleagues he insisted on one of the men trying it one to prove to them the power of the pelt.   After the pelt was donned the man went into a frenzy killing several people including Quintain before he could be contained. After the gentleman was subdued and the pelt was taken off, the artifact was immediately moved to the archives of the chained library to be kept out of the wrong hands.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The way the user harnesses the power is to put the pelt on and cover their face with the hood.


The significance of the pelt is huge in it showed that the victim of Usemi is fundamentally changed by the magical out put and becomes a storage vessel of magical energy as well as an untapped flow.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Owning Organization
Related Condition
One of a kind
50 Lbs
3' x 5'
Base Price

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