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Staff of Wynn'Oana

Elven Tech, Drow Design

Written by Endrise

It is her finest creation, built over centuries of perfecting the arts of the arcane. Something able to create as much as it can destroy.   Something only she ever was worthy in doing.
— Wynn'Oana Priestess

Many artefacts amongst the followers of Wynn'Oana bear her name, but none are more infamous than her staff. A device that combines ancient Elven spellcasting with advanced Magitech, creating something with devastating results.

In the centuries after her passing, it became a holy relic of the faith. Only a few are worthy to wield its power, and even fewer than can wield at all.

Scepter of the Drow Empress

Uniting Old & New

By itself, Wynn'Oana's staff is unremarkable for someone with a legacy like hers. A steel staff engraved with old Elven writing, ending in a split tip and a faint blue crystal core. A relic of the Drow’s time on the surface, refined Elven craftmanship enhanced by years of Drow engineering.

As the centuries went by, she improved it with Magitech, adding a mechanical element to its power. amplifying its output, wires strapped to new cores, providing a boost to its potential.

What came from it was a device fusing ancient Elven spellcasting with modern technology. A scepter capable of powerful things one can only dream of.

Amplified Arcana

The staff’s main strength is its ability to adjust a spell’s strength at will. Harnessing arcane power through it, one can decide to either narrow down or amplify its power. A fireball might center its power on a specific lock, or level an entire street block with a single cast.

Doing so requires one to know only a small amount of spellcasting to use its full potential by tapping into the staff’s own power supply. Though such measures require some wind-up.

Such powers allow one to shape the fabric of reality in untold ways. Only limited by one’s own knowledge of the arcane and their ability to withstand such power.

Legacy of the Staff

During the ruling of Wynn'Oana, the staff was crucial to her leadership. Rumours believe it to aid her with her duties and establishing the first cities, or manipulate the masses into her favour. Whatever was the case, it provided her the utility to lead her people driven into the Subterrane.

As age took its toll on her, the staff became more crucial for her health and duties. Modifications helped her cast where her body no longer could. Some believe it even helped her live longer than others. But no matter where she went, the staff came with her.

After her death, it became a relic amongst her Followers, even wielded by previous high priestesses. Though only a few worthy names have carried it in the past.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Related Technologies
Owning Organization

Power corrupts Absolute

The population believes that the staff’s arcane core is not suitable for most individuals beyond Wynn'Oana. Because of immense arcane energy flowing through it, people struggle to handle controlling it.

Those who wield it either die fast or get corrupted by the temptation of power. Even those with strong wills break over time, never recovering from the mental damage it causes.

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