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Queen Wynn'Oana

I swore my alliance to the Elven cause when I lived above, but now I swore an alliance to the Drow. I desire every single one of you to understand that together, we are stronger than anyone we might face. Remember what we lost a century ago, understanding what we want to rebuild down here.   We are Drow, and I want you all to acknowledge that. To accept it. To cherish it.
— Wynn'Oana

The first ruler of the Drow and head deity of the most practised Drow religion, Wynn'Oana is a name infamous amongst the Subterrane. An ambitious woman with a twisted dream, whose influence surpassed her own death in the form of worship.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

During her prime, Wynn'Oana was an elegant Elf with silver hair and purple eyes. Even when she became one of the first Drow, the only difference was her skin turned a more purplish hue.

In many depictions, people describe her as the ideal Drow, of untold beauty and a leading presence. Her worshipped self took on a form of divinity, wherein every Drow who accepts her as a goddess sees their ideal self or other in.

Special abilities

Known as a powerful mage, Wynn'Oana shows capabilities of spellcasting unlike any other Drow. All of it thanks to a mixture of her studies, genetic luck and even Magitech improving her potential.   Records state that at her peak, she was capable of casting some of the most powerful spells there were. Some sources claim

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Blazing War

Ruling of the Drow Empire

Post-Mortem Worship

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

Wynn'Oana's complete distaste of anything that isn't an Elf or Drow bleeds through everything she does, showing a vile side of her character. It has gotten to the point she deems any non-elven race inferior in one way or another, whether it be physical or mental.

Her own superiority complex doesn't help her xenophobia either. Wynn deems herself great even amongst Drow, using her authority to rationalise her ideals. As such, when she has something on her mind she rarely reconsiders it.

Divine Classification
Lawful Evil
Current Status
85 AFE 447 AFE 362 years old

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