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The everlasting lanterns

The Tree growing and floating in the middle of The Pit shines with a light that simulates the day/night cycle so deep beneath the ground. The Glow, as the light is called, scares away most of the monsters and is capable of accelerating the growth of any plant it touches. While it is possible to capture some of the Glow into a container or a light source with the help of certain Songs, eventually their strength wanes until the Glow within them disappears completely.
There is only one exception to this rule. A set of 8 lanterns that even years after their creation didn't lose even a portion of their power. The everlasting lanterns.  

The 8 forms

While their power stays the same, each of the 8 lanterns has a different shape. It has been quickly discovered that each one represents one of the 7 Guardians of The Tree with two forms related to two roles of the main Guardian, the Dragon, and the Flower.   Dragon's lantern takes a shape of a flame suspended on 4 chains, making it similar to a censer. It isn't heavy. No matter how much one would try to swing it, it doesn't sway at all, staying perfectly balanced.   Flower's lantern takes on a shape of a peach flower. The light shines out of the center of the flower and its radius and shape can be changed by moving its petals upwards. The lesser the angle, the farther and stronger the light.   Dead One's lantern is a decorative dagger. It is said that it shines a little bit brighter for a short while whenever something dies within the area it illuminates.   Lantern of the Blind Man is a sphere. Its light can't be stopped by any obstacle and so it can shine through even the thickest walls (as long as what's on the other side would still be within the range of the Glow).   Smith's lantern is a heart of a forge. It is so heavy it can't be moved and so instead of it being taken to a settlement, a settlement was built around it.   Knight's lantern is a pommel. One can easily add any type of blade to it as strangely all seem to fit it,   Lantern of the Huntress takes a shape of a quiver. Any ammunition placed within it gets charged with some of the Glow. The more ammunition is affected like that in a short time, the shorter each piece can shine.   Mage's lantern is a staff winding into a spiral on one end. The light comes out of the middle of the spiral, however, the holder of the staff can move it freely outside of the lantern, creating a moving shining sphere suspended in the air.
Item type
One of a kind. Despite many tries and experiments to create something like them, it was impossible to replicate the results.
Base Price
Priceless. Many settlements would pay quite a fortune to have one of them.
Date of creation:
The lanterns were created by one of the previous civilizations inhabiting The Pit, so more than 15 years ago.

Lost lanterns

The Huntress and the Flower disappeared after conflicts between settlements fighting for them.
Mage's lantern has only been seen once and never again.
It is rumored that the lantern of the Dead One is locked in The Spider's collection.

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Jul 24, 2021 03:53 by Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)

This is such a cool concept! I can understand why settlements in your setting would fight over them. I really love the flower lantern, with the petals that can be moved up or down according to how much light one wants.

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Jul 24, 2021 11:52

Ooh, a nice choice! The flower one was the first one I came up with and was the reason for coming up with different forms for them. Before that, they were supposed to be more generic, same-ish lanterns.

Jul 26, 2021 06:06 by Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)

I'm glad you gave them all different shapes. That makes them that more interesting. :)

Author of Ealdwyll, a fantasy world full of mystery.