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The Orb of Eras

The Orb of Eras is a large magical divination crystal. It is kept hidden at the Draxari Keepers' Temple near the entrance of Dragon Pass in the Kona Mountains.

The orb is the only known way to successfully contact the Gaurdians. It is said to work only during the ninth day of the Fesitivites of Change, though there is no record of anyone attempting such a feat any other day.

The Orb's Creation

According to Draxari legend, the orb was created by one of the Messegners. Before this Messenger entered into their eternal sleep, they gave the orb to a group of Draxari that they deemed worthy. The Messenger instructed these Draxari to perform a ritual with the orb once every thousand years. This ritual would provide the mortals with the name of the Gaurdian responsible for their wellbeing for the next era. It would be the only contact permitted with the Kithaen Gaurdians.

These Draxari became the first Keepers. They locked the orb inside a temple vault. It is only ever removed from the vault during the Festivities of Change.

The Festivites of Change

The orb is removed from its vault, when midnight passes and marks the first day of the Festivities of Change. It is dusted, cleaned, and placed in its spot in the temple courtyard outside where it spends the next eighteen days and nights.

On the ninth morning of the festivities, five Keepers perform the Naming Ritual. With the Orb of Eras in the center, these Keepers begin their ritual at dawn. At the end of an hour, the ritual is complete and the Head Keeper announces the name of the next era to all those present for the festivities.

On the night of the eighteenth day, the orb is placed back into its vault, where is waits undistrubed for a thousand more years.

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