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Ramuna's Will


Ramuna's Will is a ring that was produced by the Grand Sorceress Ramuna during the Era of the Trees. In anticipation of the disaster now known as the Great Scorching she looked for a way to secure her survival against the intents of the Divines. So she crafted this piece of jewellery as a vessel for her consciousness. The ring is made of Urnarit, a metal that can only be found on the continents of Emniyama and Murahisi. It is more golden than gold, yet very matte. The ring has a small, round bezel in which are set three stones: two small emeralds and a slightly bigger carnelian, which form an equilateral triangle. The emeralds are also known as Ramuna's Eyes and the carnelian as Ramuna's Lips. They all have a point cut representing her piercing eyes and her persuasing words.

Production and powers

Ramuna was a member of the Order of the Five Sages, a group of mighty magic users from the old Empire of Asargam. When they uncovered the Divines' plot to unleash a catastrophe upon Asargam to chastise them for their pride, Ramuna took measures to evade the divine punishment. She commissioned her fellow Narun, a master arcane craftsman, to forge a ring for her, that only she herself could manipulate. Narun, unaware of her plans, forged the ring in the fires of his forge, heated by the fires of the Okeina. The ring was tempered and bound to her by adding ingredients of her body to the molten Urnarit: a hair to add her splendor, a nail to add her persistence, a drop of blood to add her energy, a teardrop to add her determination, a slice of her heart to add her soul.
Narun produced the ring for her, assuming it was only a piece of jewellery to serve as an eternal badge of her vanity. But Ramuna deliberately added the slice of her heart to the metal to have her soul attached to the ring. She also prepared three stones to be set in the bezel: two emeralds as green as her eyes, called Arstãmma and Dĩstrãmma, imbued with the power of her very own sight and one dark red carnelian, called Psissũsma to which she transferred the power of her speech.
Now the ring is - as far as is known - indestructible and Ramuna's very existence bound to it. She is in fact the first human to have achieved immortality, even if without a body of her own. The ring itself, by virtue of the hair she added is eerily captivating and entices people to get hold of it. The added nail lets it grasp the consciousness of its wearer, holding it hidden under her own, which then takes control of whoever wears the ring. Her blood added her life force to the ring, so she could not only exist and perceive, but also be active and controlling. The tear she added is her eternal vow to remove the strings of fate of those having the Gift of Reason from the hands of the gods. A piece of her heart was the last element she added to the band, to have her very self be part of the ring.
The emeralds she set in the rings bezel not only represent her eyes, but also carry her eyesight and the carnelian her faculty of speech. Her determination was indeed so strong, that her body died blind and dumb, shortly after the ring was completed.
Item type
Unique Artifact


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