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Circlet of Transformation

This jade circlet sparkles with a green glittering light when held up in a bright light. In the reflected speckles of light it shines onto nearby surfaces, shadows of tiny creatures are vaguely visible, as if a form stands within each facet of the roughly hewn jade.   The Circlet of Transformation was the primary legacy and greatest treasure of Edramazz, the Giant. Edramazz was famous for his shapeshifting abilities, and many believe that his circlet was imbued with a portion of his power, allowing him to transform himself for longer stretches of time and more frequently.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Circlet is infused with magic which causes transformation, yes, but it also requires very little concentration or thought on the user's part. Edramazz was forgetful, and so he would store his best ideas for transformations into the Circlet, and would sometimes activate the powers randomly in the heat of battle, trusting in his past self's forethought. Because Edramazz's use of the Circlet was so instinctual, it may be difficult for a new user of the artifact to control its sensitive mental triggers.   In simple terms, the function of the Circlet is to store transformation templates for Edramazz and help him to use his magic more efficiently, so that he is able to transform more frequently. The power conferred by the Circlet can be easily dispelled or supressed with antimagic.


The Circlet represents one of the few remaining pieces of the legacy of The Circle of Nine. Seekers of magical power in every era have sought to uncover the artifacts left behind by these awesome mages. Whereas some of the legacies that have been uncovered have largely been items of utility or spells and rituals, or even, in the case of the Archive of Runior, entire buildings, the Circlet simply grants the powers of transformation to its user. It is regarded by some as one of the most powerful weapons ever created.
Item type
The circlet is one of a kind. It is a highly sought after treasure, and although there have been claimants to its possession in the past, they have all eventually turned out to be either completely fake, or else artifacts with only a fragment of the storied power of the original.
2 lbs
20.5 inches diameter
Base Price
Priceless. If you were to decide to sell it, you could easily charge upwards of 100,000 gold pieces.


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