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The Venerate Stone of Ancestors

Dwarves worship is divided into two belief systems that are both interchangeable and different. It consists of their Gods, the ones we Human's call the Dwarven Gods. The second part is the Dwarven Ancestors, a more bound belief in respect of the elders that have passed. Some of these elders are Ancestors more important, a Family Ancestor might be important for a family while a Clan or Ancient Ancestor is more widely spread and important to a much more different degree.
There is, however, a special stone that is said to house a connection to the Ancient Ancestors and the Ancestor Homes, where great Ancestors go. This stone is powerfully enchanted, imbued with runes that no runesmith has been able to replicate and is radiating in a special way for some people. This stone is what they communicate and hold their rituals to their Ancestors. It is a marvellous, great stone that few outsiders ever get to experience.
— Everam, Teller of Nimenra
The Venerate Stone of Ancestors is a towering monument that stands in The Dwarven Kingdom's capital of Kasta'eim Irrend at the centre of their religious houses. For as long as the Dwarfs can remember the stone has been the location of veneration and worship of their Ancestors and their Ancient Ancestors. According to them it also connects to the Ancestors Homes where the Ancestors spend their time after their worldly life in prosperity and abundance. It is tender to by the Scion of Faith and his attendants and priests.  

Construction and Significance

The Venerate Stone is cut out of a dark grey stone, probably Grun Granite due to its hardiness and stability. It is formed like a tall pillar and has also been chiselled with runes all over in the Runic Language of Kadiah with several names of Ancient Ancestors and Great Ancestors of old that today many dwarfs see as their forefathers and foremothers. They are all worshipped in the same way as the Dwarven Gods and is said to have been bestowed power from them, which also would explain the magical affinity the stone has. The stone is seen as one of the centrepieces of faith among dwarven kind and pilgrimages are made to the pillar at least once in a lifetime. But due to The Great Quakes {English} there is far fewer pilgrims and activity in the sacred halls.
Item type
Unique Artifact
About 300 kg
3m in height, 0,8m thick

Long since called

It has been since the The Great Quakes the Scions have heard anything clearly from the Ancestors. When the Great Quakes came and shattered Dwarven civilisation, it seemed like the Ancestors too began to draw themselves back as if their power faded with the many millions of deaths that occurred over the Dwarven Kingdom. It has now been many hundreds of years since the Ancestors communicated with the Scion or anyone for that matter. The belief that Dwarfs have in their Ancestors are still strong, but the Dwarven Gods have since become a stronger occurrence in Dwarven society even amongst Dwarfs outside the Kingdom.

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