The Dread Bane

In the fall of the kingdom of Damamillia one Priest-King, Parjaditta ( Dread) ruled above all others.  Parjaditta was said to have been the first to discover the Necros Antepex magic and teach it to others in exchange for payments and offerings.  Parjaditta was perhaps the first Deadlord and was judged unkillable because the spirit dwelt outside of the undead body and even severed parts moved and sought to rejoin. Dread was feared as a demon because of her great power and followers.  Attempts to assassinate or overthrow Dread failed as the Kingdom fell into civil war over the Necros power and sacrificial rituals to feed it, verses the lesser power of other Antepex.  There arose a Silver warrior - Tiajasei Balond - who brought a silvered weapon, the Golattos Parjaditta ( The Dread Bane or Doom of Dread) and was finally able to slay the Priest-king ( some called her the God-King).

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Silver is known to have a variety of magical and mystic associations. It is pure and yet associated with the changing and shifting moons.  Some scholars of magic suggest the blade may have been Moon silver, a blue tinted magical metal from the normal silver.  


There are only a few references to the Dread Bane.  One was a refugee who fled the falling darkness and ruin of Damamillia.  Another is a book, made with pages of stone and engraved in the high Damamillian language that talks of the last days of the Kingdom. The Golattos Parjaditta and the silver warrior battled and slew the ruler Dread in a city called Galazudi. The book says the city was consumed in a blast of necromantic energy and the land cracked open and fires poured out from them. Only those fleeing and outside the city survived. The ruins lay in a blight of corruption and evil.  One such blight region is known in the far southern desert. No city ruins are known there, but they may lay under the sands or in a fissure realm.
Unique.  The blade was reportedly silvered and created by Damamillian magic smithing. It was likely enchanted and is called a Demon Slayer. The exact location is unknown.
approximately 7 kg ( 15 lb)
Approx 900 mm ( 2.9 ft) across and 3600 mm long (3.6 m or 11.8 ft)

Cover image: by mutterwolf


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