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Cerulean Thunderstones

Created by Edel, the shields powered by cerulean thunderstones were supposed to protect the Orbirian Empire from the concequences of the Lacuna. This ended in a failure and the cerulean shields were not able to being able to withstand the blast. Most stones are lost these days, though some can be found in the orbirian ruins towards the borders of the republic of free trade. The few already retrieved ones are kept under close control by the government, since they are needed to ward off the magical storms. They are detrimental to the survival of new cities in the Republic of Free Trade and therefore considered to be of high value.      

Materials & Manufacturing

  The base stone is an alchemical product. It is created in liquid form and then poured into molds around three-dimensional, enchanted sigils of plantium.   The liquid stone base is made from a heated mixture of ingredients. Powder made of rare gems and magical monster parts, and various chemical substances distilled from plants or created through chemical reations. The notable gems requires are diamonds and Cerulean Quartz mixed together with Behir Scale, Dreadpike eye and bronze dragon tooth (adult or ancient). In terms of chemical substances it requires, amongst other ingredients, sap from Ice Rose, Delightful Fungi pores and distilled thunderweed, which is a common herb.   Practitioners of magic then have to mix the powder and liquid, and heat it magically, since it is otherwise nearly impossible to reach the temperature required. Once the liquid stone is white-hot and starting to show elements of hardening, they are poured into a mold treated with white dragons breath. The platinum sigil in this mold must have already been enchanted to direct thunderwaves and energy, as well as resisting high heat.   Once completely cooled down, the artifact can be placed on a source of lightning, at which point a vibrating blue dome or sphere structure appears, which repells both magic and physical assault.
Extremely rare: Construction unclear, high rarity of materials and skill required.
5g per quare centimeter
2x2x2cm - 100x100x250cm
Base Price
about 500g per gramm, getting more expensive with size


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