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Cerulean Quartz


Material Characteristics

Cerulean quartz are bioluminescent, blue gemstones. It is a structurally soft type of gemstone and easily scratched, since it is usually close to it's melting point. Some miners have noted that in large collections, the light tends to change slowly, similar to a fluid moving around.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Cerulean quartz is fascinating to touch, since the average humaniod body warmth melts it into a liquid of high viscosity and surface tension. A detect magic spell will show a very mild source of magic in the quartz, slowly moving around with the flowing luminescence.

Geology & Geography

Cerulean Quartz is found in the depths beneath The Needles, where it runs in veins that look like shimmering water through dark-grey stones. It is usually found in the proximity of silver veins and in a fairly cold place,

History & Usage

Everyday use

Cerulean Quartz was very prominent in the Cerulean Technology of the Orbirian Empire. But siche the knowledge on how to properly turn it into the magical gadgets has been lost with the Lacuna. What it is used for nowadays is spell improvement. Adding 50g*spell level worth of cerulean quartz increases it's effect by 1/4, 200g*spell level by 1/2 and 500g*spell level duplicates the effect.

Reusability & Recycling

After being used for spellcasting, it looses the luminescence and much it's remaining worth is only a 10th - turning into a pretty blue quartz.


Trade & Market

The quartz is both sold locally by governmentally approved factions and traded internationally mainly through a subgroup of Kindrian Merchants that pay a good price for the aquisition. It is considered a rare material and is especially desirable for arcanists, which is why the Idunis Sanctuary gladly pays an increased price for it. Most mages and churches have a small stash of it hidden as well.


To ensure that it won't just run out of it's containement, the storage was to be liquid proof. Merchants usually melt it down into easy-to-carry shapes, and reheat and split it again before selling.
50g for a small piece
pretty rare - only found in The Needles
Bioluminescent Cerulean
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State


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