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The Silver Lantern

An ancient artefact said to reveal itself only to those who could fulfill the prophecy of The End of All Things, the Silver Lantern is not actually a lantern -- in fact, nobody knows what it truly is. Some theorise it to be a wisp-like creature of light while others believe it to be a statue or piece of jewellery that will influence whomever finds it.  
And there on the edge of the world
The lantern appeared
Dragging the pup
Through the leaves and the grass
Taking him slowly
To the edge of the forest
Where the ash gathers thick
And the light doesn't touch
Where the souls of the damned
Will find purchase once more
And blacken the skies
And punish the wicked   -
Translated verse about the Lantern prophecy


The Lantern is said to be the harbinger of the end. Though they do not have the prophecy of the End, the Shifters are the major people to believe in the Lantern, claiming it will appear towards the edge of the The Ashik'an Forest, guiding the way through its treacherous woodland to the unknown place where the end will come -- though they do not know the cause of the end, just that it will come. Shifter children are warned from a young age to leave alone anything that seems like it may be guiding them to the forest and adults will steer clear of the border entirely.   Interestingly, the Kalka'shar hold a similar belief about the End, though they believe more cohesively that the Lantern is a silver flame they will be able to hold in their hands, which will light the way to meet the Shifter at the point where the End will come. It is unknown where the Shifters gained knowledge of the End, but the knowledge that both species hold the same beliefs about the Lantern is yet another factor which motivates the Kalka'shar royalty to keep the prophecy secret for fear it will come true.
Item type
Unique Artifact

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