The Blueprint of Man

"The allure of power, the desire for domination... These drives drive men- drive mankind- to annihilation. With this blueprint, with this event, I shall save man from damnation. With this device we shall restore Adam." -Name lost.
  The Blueprint of Man is an artefact of almost unimaginable consequence. Either long since lost or consumed in its usage, it was the key item in the Breakdown.¬†The Information Agency, using this miraculously produced item, set almost every person- man, woman, and child- to the state of prehistoric man. Knowledge of machinery, knowledge of weaponry, knowledge of mathematics, even knowledge of agriculture disappeared from the consciousness of Johorne's man. In their place, the Blueprint of Man gave the knowledge of prehistoric man- how to hunt, how to start fires, how to craft, and how to forage.   Yet even still, the implementation of this artefact and of this plan led to disaster. Even if every man now knew how to survive in the pre-technological world created by the Breakdown, there simply wasn't enough food to be hunted or gathered to sustain Johorne's population. The world suffered mass starvation and clashes over every scrap of food. Ultimately, only some millions would survive when the population stabilized. To do this, familiar groups either had to split up or starve, as a now bottlenecked population spread over the planet.   The acquisition of the Blueprint of Man was accomplished by the Information Agency's director, a man who received via revelation the knowledge of what destruction had come to the galaxy and would yet come again.¬†Horrified, and driven to prevent such a reality from coming to Johorne, the director enacted a plan to stop Johorne from ever reaching that state of sin that he saw as inevitable.   Fortunately for Johorne, there were enough men and women who remained unaffected by the Breakdown. These individuals would help Johorne to recover in their own ways. Some tried to establish themselves as kings or as prophets and priests with their unique knowledge of the world still around them, and with things such as mathematics. Many of those who tried, however, would also fail. Unable to feed themselves or others, many were seen as a detriment or a dead-weight and were exiled. The most influential individuals who were not affected by the Breakdown, other than the Information Agency, were those few who got together and formed The Lost Children.¬†Traumatized by the horrific events around them, their growing group would stumble upon the information that explained the Breakdown, and would prevent the Information Agency from maintaining an eternal stranglehold over the world. Unfortunately, they would never manage to reproduce the director's miracle in providing their own Blueprint of the Modern Man. Yet they would work to guide the world back to Humanity.
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