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Surecast Rod

Embellished with the decorations akin to the school of chronoturgy, the gilded rod glimmers in the torchlight. The wand is descendant from generations of mages dedicated to the school of chronoturgy. Capturing the chaos in the weave, the rod is embued with the power to alter manifestations of magic at the core. Little is known about the origins of this spectacular artifact.   What has not been discovered is that the rod itself is the relic of the god of time, Uinsel. Uinsel was believed to interpret the progress of the world. Divination magic, the cousin of chronoturgy magic, stems from the knowledge of Uinsel passed down into the world through his champions. However, when the world began turning, Uinsel disappeared. His destiny remains untold as even the gods are unaware of his whereabouts. Many believe that Uinsel disappeared in an attempt to use the rod and return the world to its previous state. When the rod was discovered by the elves, the rod was kept hidden from those who might use it to attempt to rewrite the world's history. But wars and evils pressed into the realm of the elves. Pillaged, the rod went to those who could not interpret its power.   When the Surecast Rod was found in the tomb of the fallen kings, the rod passed to wicked and evil practioners who only understood a trace of the magic. The rod would pass hands over generations before falling into the hands of the school of chronoturgy. The artifact is kept in the secret achives of the school. Those who have been invited to investigate the rod are unable to comprehend its depth and magic. The rod comes with a cost that has gone unpaid since its discovery. Peacekeepers could never understand the power that is held within.
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