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Staff of Magus

The Staff of Magus is an ancient magic staff created by the first Insignis Sage. It is known to manipulate all of the elements of the world and the Mana Landmarks. It is even rumored to open the gates to the gods if a certain series of items are gathered in one place.   According to the ancient scrolls, the staff was made during the Atonement Era as a collaborative project by the Mana Guardians and the mage crafters of Signataria Order. While it's made with unimaginable powers, it can only be used by the High Sage when it is necessary to the world. One known demonstration was when a war almost broke out between Lucidus and Fangs. Fearing it would create a second Summoned War, the Sage used the staff to quell the aggression through manipulating the weather and created a brief earthquake. This eventually led to two countries debating on words instead with Signatio being the mediator, averting what would have been a bloody war.   In the modern era, it is currently kept in the vaults of the High Sage under the instructions of the first to seal it until the time is right.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Not as much is known about how this staff is made or the materials it was used in its creation. However, it contained a large amount of Mana that seems to refill itself when not in use.   By casting a spell with the staff, it creates several elements that surround the user before unleashing their spell to their target.


As it was the first staff made with the help of the Mana Guardians, the Staff of Magus is regarded as a symbol of authority to all Insignis magicians and wizards. Slowly, mage crafters begin to make staves based on the Staff of Magus's image in honor of the founder of their country.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Only one has made in the world

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