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The Iyldathral was a sentient book of black magic. This book emerged in the Age of Magic, long before the spread of humankind to Andeir from Vos.   Scholars claim that the Iyldathral was once part of “The Truth”, a collection of secrets from the gods themselves. It was first read by the fallen sorcerer Dekara, who was seeking to understand the nature of the weave and the gods before the destruction of Mystra. Dekara was subverted by the book's dark magic and under its influence became the Shadar Witch.   After the Shadar Witch was defeated at the hands of unknown heroes, it is told that the heroes searched for the Iyldathral but could not find it. Although it was believed to be destroyed when the Vos Empire fell, the Iyldathral was recovered by a small group of the Shadar Witch's last remaining followers. These men believed they could control the power of the black book and attempted to learn its secrets. Like the sorcerer Dekara, they were unable to resist the book's dark magic and were subverted, becoming Shadar Wraiths. After they succumbed to the book's power, they took it deep into the wilderness of the west lands and hid it within the Maelmoor.   Millennia later, when a young elven woman name Arryn Tieresford came to destroy the Iyldathral, she too was corrupted by it and was subverted by its influences. Her brother Nerath Tieresford then found her in a tower in the middle of the Maelmoor. After a confrontation between subverted sister and determined brother, which broke through the Iyldathral's hold, Arryn was able to destroy the tome using a wish.   However, one page of the book was rumored to have survived. Myth states that it rests to this day somewhere within the Maelmoor, waiting to be made whole again.
Item type
Unique Artifact


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