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9. 12. 214 AR

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Upon the realm of Verrida there are three known continents: Andeir, Vos and Nuvos.   During a period lost to time, a catastrophic event nearly destroyed all life on Vos and many who did survive fled to other lands. It took the remaining small tribes and clans, those survivors of the cataclysm, many centuries to recover what they had lost and to make the dangerous voyage across the great ocean to the new continent of Andeir.   Five centuries after coming to the western continent, a conflict between the native elves and the settling humans arose that would last 300 years. During that period, both side came to resent and inflicted horrible wounds upon each other and the very land itself. When the war finally came to an end, an uneasy peace agreement was formed and both sides pledged to do no further harm to the other.   Two more centuries have passed since those oaths were spoken. The world has changed, but not so much as to heal all old wounds. The threat of a new war looms over Andeir as tensions rise between two human nations, all the while the elves plot in secret.

Haven's Heroes

Astrid Kinovidarr
Ellitock Boondiggles
Kain Evenhand
Nischa Proudfoot