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Haven's Heroes

Haven's Heroes is the name of the adventuring party responsible for heroic exploits throughout much of northern Corwynth, Lordimere, and even within the Amnestrian borders. A list of the adventuring party's achievements includes:
  • Liberated a much-maligned species of ratfolk known as Ratonga from the control and manipulation of a wererat named Rasiter.
  • They rescued the bard, Nischa Proudfoot from the clutches of a goblinoid warband and their draconian ruler, Cyanpargalax.
  • Located a terrorist cell of Fire Knives operating within the Stonehaven sewers and razed it to the ground, killing the leader of the organization, Ander'ries "the Adder" Drelaecin. Drelaecin had written, what he believed to be, an unbreakable cipher containing information which led back to the very highest members of society within the city.
  • The group exposed a corrupt government within the capital city of Stonehaven resulting in several members of the ruling council being brought to justice.
  • While within the Spiderhaunt Forest, the adventuring party recovered an ancient necklace and freed an elvish girl named Shireen from a terrible curse. While doing so, their actions resulted in the defeat of a Night Hag known as Auntie Ethel and the purification of the elvish child's soul.
  • The heroes recovered the lost artifact known as the Spear of the Great Hunt from its resting place within the Maelmoor, while enroute to slay a mutated Black Dragon known as Xxornathra.
  • They assisted a small party of goliath warriors in slaying gnolls and their mind controlled subjects, and brought the mighty ancient spear to the emissary of Kurnos, Astrid Kinovidarr.
  • The party was instrumental in destroying a gnoll incursion within the Elthiel'estria and banishing their demonic patron, Yeenoghu, from Verridia. While purging the gnoll threat, they rescued the firbolg tribal leader Renault - thus bringing peace to the surrounding area and stability to the firbolg tribe living nearby.
  • The party was most recently responsible for the liberation of Dagger Falls, exposing a mass infiltration of dopplegangers within the Ravosan military and laying waste to the Fire Knives assassin organization and their shadow leader, Tanthalas Aerabor.


The adventuring party has had many members join its ranks and leave since inception, either through their own volition or not. There is no formal process to become a member of Haven's Heroes, just a desire to do good and leave the world better than you found it.

Members (past and present) include:   Kain Evenhand (Aasimar Paladin) - present
Stildir Rainrunner (Sunari Bladesinger) - slain by Cyanpargalax
Thamior (Firbolg Druid) - present
Brom Nakresh (Human Mercenary) - currently abroad
Quickpaw (Ratonga Scout) - returned home
Three-Wind (Tabaxi Sorcerer) - location unknown
Rhu (Half-orc Ranger) - slain by a sword spider within the Spiderhaunt
Ellitock Boondiggles (Gnome Cleric) - present
Nischa Proudfoot (Fayheart Bard) - present
Coleman Cross (Human Gunslinger) - retired
Sylvain Darkwood (Half-elf Warlock) - slain by Haven's Heroes in Dagger Falls
Therin the Drunk (Dwarf Drunken Monk) - returned home
Astrid Kinovidarr (Goliath Druid) - present
Chris Dhelmsworth (Human Warrior) - slain by an Umber Hulk
Elanor Windwalker (Half-elf Cleric) - slain by Astrid Kinovidarr after being turned into a vampire spawn.
Founding Date
213 AR
Adventuring Party
Notable Members
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Current Members
Kain Evenhand
Ellitock Boondiggles
Nicha Proudfoot
Astrid Kinovidarr


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