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Bremen's Run

Bremen's Run is a redoubt and trading post of the Northern Watch, bordering the elven nation of Amnestria. It is located at the base of the Ishan Mountain range, where the silver run empties towards the Glenglade Basin. Bremen's Run was, initially, one of three manned outposts constructed along the Amnestrian border following the formal end of the Weeping War. Of the constructed outposts, only Bremen's and Blackwater Run still stand today.   Bremen's Run has grown in size since its initial construction in 9 AR. After the discovery of silver deposits in the nearby mountain, the outpost has grown to a population of roughly 65 and has expanded to include various amenities, lodging and places of worship.


Human (79%)
Non-human (21%)

Human (79%)
Dwarf (Mountain) (12%)
Elf (Lunara) (4%)
Half Elf (3%)
Other (2%)




High wooden palisades surround the outpost, with manned watch towers providing additonal security. A squat three-story fort stands within the walls, and is the main defensive structure - capable of housing all 65 residents should the need arise. A small garrison of 20 men protect the outpost.

Industry & Trade

Mining, logging, husbandry, minor trade (land).


Originally constructed as a provision of the Treaty of Lordimere, the outpost was named after the noble to whom lordship was granted; Lord Jacob Bremen of Loreidell. Construction of the fort was completed in 9 AR, and originally supported a garrison of 50 men comprised of men and dwarven rangers from Mur'duin. As the years passed, and tensions between the two nations lessened, the outpost began to attract settlers who desired life on the frontier; far away from large government and the high taxes that followed.   Upon the discovery of silver deposits within the nearby mountain, the outpost became a popular location for prospectors and treasure seekers. Eventually the mine was claimed by Lord Bremen and several of the visting miners chose to stay within the outpost. More amenities came to the fort, which transitioned away from begin a strictly defensive location.

Natural Resources

Stone, iron, timber, furs, hunting, silver from nearby mines.
Founding Date
9 AR
Alternative Name(s)
Fort Bremen
Outpost / Base
Inhabitant Demonym
North Watch
Characters in Location


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