Lord Corvis Bremen

Corvis Bremen is Lord over Bremen's Run, and has been Lord of the Run for close to twenty-five years, his father ruling before him. House Bremen has always claimed lordship of the fort since it's founding; the family being granted title and land by the King of Lordimere. Succession is such that the eldest child is granted rulership of the Fort.   Corvis Bremen is a tall, muscular man with a rugged and tanned complexion. His face shows the signs of age, and of a life spent in service to the land. In fact, Lord Bremen has many scribes and sages as retainers since bureaucracy has never been of much interest to him. He is a strong but quiet man, an avid hunter, and slow to anger. He is a lawful and just ruler, though not devout. In fact, during the first five years of his rule, open worship within the fort was discouraged. It wasn't until the charismatic priest, Gavin Evenhand, convinced the Lord that open worship may bring enconomic growth and trade to the region that Corvis reluctantly resinded his decree. Under his rule, Bremen's Run has seen trade increase, cautious friendship grow with the Lunara people, and the discovery of a new species of sentient ratfolk within the nearby silver mine.   Not all has been positive for the Lord of the Run. Most recently, the fortified outpost suffered a collaspe of the mountain peak adjacent to it; the ensuing avalanche burying many structures and claiming the lives of many folk who called Bremen's Run home. Corvis Bremen headed several rescue attempts himself, before they were called off a week later. While this won him favor among the fort's sparse population, his brief rise of popularity was soon dashed when he allowed a small contingent of Sunari elves to take up residence within the fort; the Sun Elves using a loophole in the Lordimere Treaty, stating that while the Treaty permitted the outpost to be built, it said nothing about being manned by elves in a time conflict in which there is a mutual enemy. Lord Bremen thought it better to be amenable to the Sunari, rather than strain years of peace with the elvish people. The Sunari claim that the ratfolk are in league with elves ancestral enemies; the Drovesti.   Since the occupation, Lord Bremen has been rarely seen - save for meeting with the Sunari general several times a week.   Corvis Bremen is wed to his childhood love, Natalia. They have three children; all girls.
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
154 AR 60 Years old
Dark Brown
Long Salt and Pepper, tied back and braided
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Rugged, Tanned
5' 11"
198 lbs
Ruled Locations


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