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Tanthalas Aerabor

Tanthalas is a Lunara elf and the younger brother to Larenleis Aerabor, the Speaker of the Moon during the years leading up to the Weeping War. He is a master swordsman, skilled in the arcane arts and an excellent tactical and political mastermind.   The noble elf was given the mantle of Speaker after Larenleis' untimely death and remained in that position until a decade after the end of the war. Tanthalas was, at first, a proponent of the war against the human nations but as the conflict raged onward across centuries his thirst was sated and he began to long for peace. Unable to sway the Sunari Speaker of the Sun towards disarmament, Tanthalas felt trapped within the confines of station and relinquished his postion once the war had ended and the Treaty of Lordimere had been signed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tanthalas’ story didn’t come to relevance until well after the end of the Weeping War. Unsatisfied with the resolution and feeling great shame, he left the Lunara city of Evryeska and travelled northward into the snowy wastes. He discovered a tribe of insular tundra-dwelling snow elves who identified themselves as the Olos'nyss but was driven from their lands, as they were distrustful of outsiders. From there, over the course of many years, he sojourned in the wildlands south of the Amnestrian border. His journey took him ever southward as he settled on a path to revisit the place of his birth, Belil'thalon.   In the three centuries following the Lunara elf exodus from Orar’Shilmista, the ancient forest realm had fallen into shadow. Tanthalas was not prepared for what lurked in the darkness there, and was mortally wounded by the evil that stalked him. As he lay dying, he was given a choice; become prey or become a predator. He accepted the gift of vampirism and became a thrall to a powerful vampire lord.   Eventually, Tanthalas was able to lay a trap for his master and upon the destruction of the vampire lord, the moon elf was free to become his own master.

Accomplishments & Achievements

In the last days of Bloomhigh, in 214, less than a week before his defeat in Dagger Falls, Tanthalas was successful in assassinating Erdric Liayne, High King of Corwynth. Thus the Erdric line of kings was broken.

Failures & Embarrassments

On the 7th day of Highsun, in 214 AR, Tanthalas was defeated by a group of adventurers known as Haven's Heroes. While the vampire was ultimately able to avoid detruction, the loss absolutely crushed his machinations. Tanthalas was poised to create an entire city of vampire spawn under his unwavering control; tools to be used to eradicate all non-elven races from Andeir.

Personality Characteristics


Initially Tanthalas’ plan was just to end the line of Kings of Corwynth. Upon his sister’s murder, he was granted the mantle of Speaker of the Moon. He and the Sunari Speaker, Sammastar Ancathildin, worked together during the Weeping War to destroy the human invaders. History tells of that outcome, and after Ancathildin was killed by the Harpers, Tanthalas left Evryeska and the mantle of leadership behind. The Aerabor name fell from grace and the upper echelons of Lunaran society following the disappearance of the Speaker.   Throughout centuries of assassination attempts, the kings of Corwynth had been difficult to isolate even when many of them had no warning of danger. Reldane paid for his crime with his life, but it was not enough. Tanthalas wanted nothing short than to end the Erdric line. It was then that he founded the assassin network known as the Fire Knives. A handful of puppet guild leaders were established in the assassin guild while Tanthalas was ever careful to never reveal himself as the true power behind the curtain. Instead he operated as the guild’s master assassin.   Erdric Branden nearly crushed the Knives during his rule as King of Corwynth, but the guild recovered. Tanthalas almost broke the line of kings a generation later when he successfully poisoned Vauld, II. Erdric Liayne was outside of the capital during that time and slipped through the guild’s grasp. But Liayne turned out to be a spoiled, careless brat. The laws he passed weakened the church and allowed the merchant lords to once again buy position and power within the city, making it easy for the assassin network to infiltrate the royal palace. Frequent state dinners for the new noblemen allowed Tanthalas to get closer than he had ever dreamed.   The Fire Knives grew as well, operating as a spy network across multiple continents. Tanthalas enlisted a union of dopplegangers that continue to prove extremely effective in assisting the assassins.
Lawful Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Speaker of the Moon (former)
The Kingfisher
Year of Death
34 AR
Circumstances of Death
Ambushed in Orar’Shilmista.
Current Residence
Long, silvery, flowing
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale amethyst
5' 11"
120 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
High Lunara, Elvish, Sylvan, Drovesti, Andeiran, Ravosi, Dwarvish, Undercommon, Draconic, Gnomish, Orcish

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