Erdric Vauld, II

High King of Corwynth

Good King Erdric Vauld the Second was Corwynth's most popular king. He was loved by his people and feared by his enemies. Under Erdirc Vauld's rule, the kingdom prospered unlike anything since before The Weeping War. Corwynth saw increased trade with Lordimere to the north, and the dwarven nation of Harrenfal to the east. Economic growth was lasting, and the settlements thrived. Roads were maintained, repairs to Stonehaven were finally completed, and most popular; the Good King lowered the tax rates levied against the common citizen.   Erdric Vauld was a devout believer in the teachings of the Lucid Scale, and gave more power and control to certain religious organizations within the nation. As religious freedom flourished, the people grew happy and became more productive. Industry grew as well, but Vauld was ever mindful to never allow the guild houses to gain leverage over government. In such scenarios, the common folk usually suffered most and Erdric Vauld understood the true power of Corwynth was her people.   The good King and his Queen had two children from their union, born nine years apart. The eldest, a daughter name Persephany, and the youngest was a male given the name Liayne . Erdric Vauld's wife passed away during the birth of his son; a day both celebrated and mourned throughout the entire kingdom. After his wife's death, the King was never the same man. He grew reclusive, and those within the palace say that a lingering melancholy came over him. Bright moments in the Good King's later days involved his children, whom he cherished. He spent every waking moment he could instructing his son, the future king, how to be a benevolent ruler.   Erdric Vauld, the Second, died in his sleep in the year 208 AR; those who were close to him say of a broken heart. His son, Liayne, was not of age to assume rulership upon the King's death and so the regent lord, Sir Barton Selmy, was given stewardship until Lianye's fifteenth birthday.  
Neutral Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
High Lord and King of Corwynth
134 AR 208 AR 74 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died unexpectedly in his sleep

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