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Erdric Branden

High King of Corwynth

Erdric Branden assumed the throne at the age of 15 years. His father, Cristoph, had very little to do with his raising or education; the later falling to the law makers and wardens of the city. As a result, Branden became an avid protector and enforcer of the law. Much of The Code Legal of Corwynth was written into law by him, and little of it has changed much since his abdication.   He married in his thirties and had two sons. Rickar, the first, died tragically on his ninth birthday; a prank gone terribly wrong. His youngest son was named Vauld, in honor of the founder of Corwynth and the first of the Erdric kings. The death of his eldest son was not the only mark of sorrow during Branden's rule. His queen, the lady Oliphia was discovered to be unfaithful, practicing infidelity with multiple partners; and though it pained Branden to do so, the law demanded justice and so she was sentenced to death. Lady Oliphia Erdric was publicly executed via hanging in the year of 139 AR.   History remembers Erdric Branden as a stern and honorable king. His reign saw a significant rise of public executions in the earlier years, and a steady drop in lawlessness towards the later years. Much of this was attributed to the collapse of a guild of assassins, and the mass execution of its leaders, that had infiltrated the city of Stonehaven. The purpose and targets of the assassins were never formally verified, but signs at the time pointed to a merchant lord from the Nation of Ravosa.   Erdric Branden stepped down as King in 148 AR, and was succeeded by his only son, Erdric Vauld, II.
71 AR 169 AR 98 years old


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