Erdric Liayne

High King of Corwynth

Erdric Lianye was the former King of Corwynth.   Not much was known to the public about the ruler, who did not often speak to his citizens directly and was said to often lean on his small council for guidance. Lianye lived in the shadow of the previous king and recognized that his father was exceptionally popular with the citizens of the vast kingdom. Lianye harbored no small amount of resentment that he was not as adored and respected as a ruler, and yet was bored easily by many of the duties of the crown and delegated much of the decision-making to his noble council.   He often made issuance or decree based out of spite or anger. During his brief rule, he severely weakened many of the liberties of the church and allowed several of the guild houses to expand, or "donate" to the crown's coffers in turn for favor. His style of rulership did not go unnoticed by those who were close to the former King. Many who tried to broach subject only succeeded in angering Lianye, or worse, were removed from their station. Only the Lord Regent, Sir Barton Selmy seemed to have the King's ear, and was able to speak mind without fear of retribution.   During the winter months of the year 213 AR, Erdric Lianye was the target of an attempted assassination. The attack failed, and the would-be killer managed to evade capture. In order to keep the King safe, he was moved to a secure location within the fortress of Westgate, leaving the Regent Lord to, once again, rule in his stead.   Roughly seven months later, while still recovering from his previous brush with a would-be killer, Erdric Lianye was again targeted for death. This time the assassin was successful in ending the life of the last male heir to the throne of Corwynth, thus breaking the line of Kings. The identity of the individual responsible for Lianye's death would not be known for several weeks, afterwhich it was revealed that a Lunara elf named Tanthalas Aerabor committed the murder. The elf had made it his life's goal to erase the Erdric bloodline from Andeir.
Lawful Evil
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
High Lord and King of Corwynth
Date of Death
27th day of Bloomhigh
197 AR 214 AR 17 years old
Circumstances of Death
Current Residence
Light blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
154 lbs.


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