Vampirism is a condition that transcends a mere, mundane curse. It is an evil magical infliction that changes your very nature near irrevocably and transforms you into a creature spurned by all light and holiness, forced to walk at night feeding on mortals like prey.   It is essential to recognize that vampirism isn't lycanthropy, that vampirism isn't a curse, disease or condition. A vampire, spawn or not, is not a living creature. It is undeath and evil manifest. A creature of inversed good and paradox, a thing of white and black mixed in unholy conjunction. It is dead, yet seeks life. It kills, but occasionally plants the seed for more of its kind to be... not born but formed.   When a vampire comes into being they don't behave like the people they were in life. They are inverted, the chaste becoming temptresses, the kind becoming cruel, the once holy now finding glory in perversion. All their once positive qualities are specifically inverted to form a more personalized evil.

Transmission & Vectors

Vampirism is transmitted when a vampire drains the life out of a living creature. A humanoid or monstrous humanoid can become a vampire in this manner. In one documented case, a pregnant mother survived having her blood drained by a vampire, resulting in her unborn becoming "tainted" with vampirism instead.


After a vampire has drained its victim of life, they can raise the creature as a vampire spawn. Physically, the vampire spawn will look very much like it did when alive, but with paler skin, hardened and feral features giving them a predatory aspect, and red eyes that burn with vengeance. In some instances, their hands may become claw-like. They no longer cast shadows and have no reflections in mirrors. Whether or not a vampire retains any memories from its former life, its emotional attachments wither as once-pure feelings become twisted by undeath. Love turns into a hungry obsession, while friendship becomes bitter jealousy. In place of emotion, vampires pursue physical symbols of what they crave, so that a vampire seeking love might fixate on a young beauty. A child might become an object of fascination for a vampire obsessed with youth and potential. Others surround themselves with art, books, or sinister items such as torture devices or trophies from creatures they have killed.


Vampirism is not a disease or a curse, it's a form of undeath. The only way to cure a vampire would be to kill the creature and then use extremely powerful magic to resurrect the corpse.


The first recorded case of vampirism described a creature consumed with rage, and an unquenchable thirst for fresh blood. It was theorized to have been born of the life-draining kiss of a succubus. This abomination could move about freely in daylight.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare



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